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Hello. I'm Kyle Miller
and I build
Products. Brands. Cool Shit.

A unique blend of strategic, tactical, creative, and technological experience.

Kyle Miller currently works on Tinder's Product Team building products that focus on Gen Z.

He was formerly Director of Brand Marketing at Tinder, where he was responsible for driving awareness, demand and adoption of Tinder and new features through the creation of actionable brand marketing strategies and tactics. This included orchestrating multifunctional go-to-market plans to launch and maintaining Tinder products. He also was responsible for creating, identifying, and closing strategic partnerships with brands that are beneficial to Tinder’s marketing initiatives. Prior to Tinder, Kyle led marketing efforts for the Tappy app which was acquired by Tinder in January of 2015. Kyle graduated from the University of San Diego with a bachelors degree in business where he played Quarterback on their Division 1 football team.


Past Projects

I am passionate about developing strategies to facilitate growth in the consumer app market; I bring in-depth knowledge of the millennial market segment; and I have a proven record of planning, managing, and executing campaigns that exceed expectations.


Tinder U

In August 2018, I led the product strategy and execution for Tinder’s first college-only feature, Tinder U. Tinder U is a platform within Tinder that enables specific features that help college students connect with each other. Additional products included Rivalry Week and Spring Break Mode.

The product’s success was featured by Refinery29, Slate, Mashable, Cosmopolitan, and more


Swipe the vote

In March of 2016, I led an initiative to drive voter registration within the Tinder app in partnership with Rock The Vote. From idea, to product management of the UX and UI, to the marketing roll-out across the U.S., I was detail oriented about the project and Tinder became one of Rock The Vote's leading voter registration partners of 2016. This success led to being invited to host the pre-party to the White House Correspondence Dinner and launching the program in the U.K. for Brexit and France for the French Presidential Election. The program's success was featured by Buzzfeed, Business Insider, The Hill, The New York Daily News, and more. See our event here


Spotify product integration

In this unique partnership with Spotify, we brought the music experience of Spotify to our users. We focused our marketing campaign around the unique capability of users being able to choose their profile "Anthem" (with or without their Spotify account connected). We simply reminded users that their Anthem would be the way they stood out among the other profiles on Tinder. Our extensive marketing roll-out captured the creativity that we were now offering to our users. The product's launch was featured by TechCrunch, The Verge, Fortune, Forbes, and more. 


Tinder social product launch

Tinder Social was Tinder's largest product launch to-date. I led the campaign's global marketing strategy and creative. We ran a multi-faceted campaign that involved multiple creative to specific cohorts that encouraged users to use Tinder Social to get out in the real world. In the creative, we captured the epic moments that happened when groups of friends got together. From there, we showed viewers #HowWeGotHere with a "Hangover" style recap of the moments leading up to the epic night. The product's launch was featured by Forbes, TechCrunch, CNET, and many more. 

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TindeR's podcast "DTR"

In Tinder's first branded content creation, we partnered with podcast-experts Gimlet Creative for both creative and distribution. I led the partnership's creative, distribution, and marketing efforts. DTR reached #4 in the Apple Podcasts Top Charts and performed incredibly well. The show captured the struggles of being single in the digital age and helped millennials navigate through the confusing times of relationships in the digital age. The content's launch was featured by Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, Bustle, Elite Daily, and more. 

Past project videos

Below are the featured videos from the above and other projects that I have led: